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Loading ...The past decade has seen a sharp increase in the number of casinos in Greece. As with the other segments of the tourism industry in Greece, Greek casinos are doing their best to attract players all year round and not only during the popular summer vacation. As part of these efforts, the Greek casino followed the model in Las Vegas. They tend to be part of the larger hotels / resorts, offering luxurious accommodation, recreation, sports activities, entertainment performances. Casino Marketing is mainly aimed at foreign tourists, although card games are extremely popular in Greek culture, and in Greece there are thousands of card playing clubs across the country that are not casinos.

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Today our tour of the best casinos in Europe to continue in the country resort on the Mediterranean coast with a rich history. This country is famous for the first Olympic Games, unrivaled cuisine and its philosophers. So, CasinoToplists sent to Greece!

Kasimpulan artikel:

  • Yunani - géografi jeung saeutik saeutik tina sajarah;
  • casinos dumasar-Land di nagara di momen:
  • légal;
  • Kasino «Kabupaten»;
  • Kasino «Mont Parnes».
  • Garawangi online:
  • The legality sahiji operator lokal, ampir salempang monopoli hiji;
  • operator internasional anu praktis teu diblokir tanpa lisénsi a.
  • Five Greek capital of Athens sights with addresses;
  • fakta endah ngeunaan Yunani jeung Yunani.

kuna Yunani

Gambling in Greece has a long history that dates back to antiquity. The ancient Greeks were passionate players and believed in the divine origin of the games. For example, in Greek mythology, there is a legend that after the victory over the Titans, Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades cast lots to decide who gets one or the other part of the world. Zeus won the Olympus, Poseidon – the ocean, and Hades – the underworld. This distribution of posts is not so important, more interesting by the fact that the power of the world was played using the bones.
Hiji legenda metot anu ngécéskeun asal judi na casinos. Sakali Tycho, déwi rejeki, ieu leumpang di groves rindang di Olympus, dimana Zeus (lajeng a Playboy ngora jeung libertine nu) kungsi kagoda nya. Ti rugbi ieu dilahirkeun gadis - hiji anak mahiwal, ngan pikeun manggihan pelesir di inventing kaulinan béda dimana hasilna ieu ngan mutuskeun hal. Manehna happily gazed di pasea nu jengkar antara pamaén sarta ngadesek losers frustasi bunuh diri. Indulging putri kejem nya, quietly masihan dirina imah, di bangbarung teh diantarana, passers-ku enticing, dibeuleum lampu unfading.

Judi bisnis di Yunani

Besides mythology mention gambling and real historical figures. Thus, in the “Odyssey,” Homer tells the story of how screamers offered the dice, to entertain Greek soldiers, bored waiting for the siege of Troy. A Greek historian Plutarch mentions a Persian queen Parisatis, who was a passionate fan of the game of dice.

Kaulinan di Purba Yunani

Craps was brought to Greece from Asia and was popular among all social strata. There are special places – casinos progenitors destined for organized games. However, the majority of Greek lawmakers referred to gambling is frowned upon, considering this kind of entertainment as a challenge to public morals, undermining the foundations of statehood. A punishment for incorrigible players, regardless of their social position, served as slaves.

Perda légal

Modern Greece has created the conditions for tourism, gambling-related, as well as regulates gemblingovy market through the competent authorities. Greece’s attitude to gambling is very strict, government policy is aimed at to try to prevent people from gambling. According to Greek law, play gambling is only allowed inside a casino. All types of betting and gambling outside casinos is strictly prohibited, for violation of the local legislation provides for criminal liability.
Club Hotel Loutraki
The kasino munggaran di Yunani didirikan dina 1928 di wewengkon Loutraki, mung ayeuna ngajalankeun 9 casinos légal di nagara éta. operasi casinos di Yunani ngatur Komisi Garawangi, anu didirikan Désémber 20, 2011. Dina Oktober 2013 dinya ieu ditangtukeun ruang lingkup kagiatanana na: lisénsi, pangawasan sarta kadali casinos dumasar tanah-di nagara éta. Komite diwangun ku dalapan anggota na lulugu a, anu dipilih pikeun istilah lima taun. Lisénsi munggaran dikaluarkeun dina 1994, anu tilu casinos: Kasino Mont Parnes, Kasino Korfu na Kasino Rodos. Di Yunani, euweuh monopoli: sagala casinos di leungeun sababaraha operator. Pangbadagna sahijina nyaeta Kabupaten Kasino, nu ngawengku kasino Kasino Mont Parnes di Thessaloniki.

In 2002, the Greek government passed a controversial law 3037/2002, which prohibits the game in all electronic games in public places. This tough law was repealed only in August 2011. The new law sets out the principles of responsible gaming and introduces the so-called individual XCHARXplayer cardsXCHARX that are needed to be able to legally gamble in Greece. To be able to play in a casino, the Greeks have reached the age of 21 years.

Where, when and what to play in the Greek casino?

Currently, Greece operates nine licensed casinos. They are located on the mainland and the Greek islands of Rhodes, Syros and Corfu. Most casinos are open from Monday to Sunday and is staffed 24 hours a day. They are all popular games such as roulette, blackjack, video poker, Punto Blanco, Baccarat and slot machines. Also hosts poker tournaments. The dress code in most Greek casinos XCHARX smart casual, but do not try to go inside in beachwear.

1. Club Hotel Kasino Loutraki

Casino Loutraki – Greece’s first casino. It is located at the eponymous hotel complex in the resort of Loutraki-Agioi Theodoroi. This is one of the largest casinos in Europe, which also boasts a spa and conference facilities. In addition, players can play in their free time to enjoy the sights of the area, such as the Corinth Canal, the Ethnographic Museum and the Temple of Apollo, Corinth.Club Hotel Kasino Loutraki

2. Kabupaten Kasino Thessaloniki

Ieu teh casinos pang populerna di Yunani aya di kota Thessaloniki, anu "ibukota kaler" Yunani, sarta saprak 1996. Hal ieu lokasina deukeut bandara Makédonia sarta mangrupakeun 20-menit drive ti tempat konci kota. Wangunan kasino ieu admired pikeun hiasan na euyeub. kasino di nawarkeun mesin slot 893 na tabel 66 pikeun kaulinan dewan. Aya ogé kamar pribadi keur High Rollers Club Kabupaten nu boga mesin slot 18 na tabel 14 pikeun kaulinan dewan.Kabupaten Kasino Thessaloniki

3rd Kasino Rhodes

Rhodes Casino is famous for its unique ancient architecture and interior design. It fully reflects the atmosphere in the old town center and located on the territory of a luxury hotel Grande Albergo delle Rose boutique hotel. It has everything to entertain players: slot machines, many poker tables, roulette and other games. The casino operates a dress code: 19.00 allowed accurate and indoor clothing, and after 19.00 XCHARX only evening dress, suit or tuxedo.Kasino Rodos

4. Kerkira Kasino

In Corfu, the capital of Corfu island, operates one of the first casinos in Greece, and in 1962 it was the first casino in Greece, returning to the roulette wheel. Now it is located in the entertainment center of Corfu Holiday Palace, and until the late 80-ties of the 20th century was located in the palace of Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, the legendary Princess Sissi. Restaurant is open from 20.00 to 03.00 for visitors over 23 years.Kerkira Kasino

5. Hotél Kasino Xanthi

kasino ieu lokasina di wewengkon leuweung tina Lefkos Pyrgos, di bagian kalér-kulon Xanthi.

The architecture of the two-storey building (2200 sqm) is in harmony with the grandeur of towering trees that surround it, creating a unique space fascinates visitors from the first moment. The Greeks joke that this is the only casino that works on the state XCHARX because the rest are private or privatized gambling establishments. In the casino you can play American roulette, blackjack, stud poker and slot machines.Hotél Kasino Xanthi

6. Kasino Porto Carras

The first private casino in Greece Porto Carras is located in the premises of Sithonia Hotel Porto Carras, which is a real gem of Halkidiki. There is a 425 slot machines, roulette tables 17, 13 blackjack tables 5 and poker tables. Furthermore, there is a VIP room for high roller, wherein there are three tables for blackjack, roulette tables 5 and 1 poker table. The interior has been carefully designed in authentic style of New Orleans, there is a snack bar and bar.Kasino Porto Carras

7. Porto Rio Hotel & Kasino

This casino operates in a certain hotel, just 10 minutes drive from the center of Patra. The complex is located on a beautiful beach in Rio, in the lush green gardens on an area of ​​35,000 square meters, in front of the Venetian castle. Casino Rio offers classic table games such as blackjack and roulette, 279 slot machines and poker fans are waiting tables for Texas Holdem Poker. Visitors can play slot machines at any time of the day or night, because they are the casino is open 24 hours a day.Porto Rio Hotel & Kasino

8. Kasino Syros

Casino is located in the town of Syros Ermoupoli. This is a relatively new casino XCHARX it began to work only in April 1997. However, it is a former hotel XCHARXEuropeXCHARX, built in 1830. The building was restored with reverence, his historical and Cycladic elements, and now it is a real gem. Casino Syros has 26 tables for the most popular games: roulette, blackjack and stud poker, as well as 185 slot machines.Kasino Syros

9. Kabupaten Kasino Mont Parnes

Regency Mont Parnes Casino Resort is located in the town of Mont Parnes, at a distance of only 17 kilometers from the center of Athens. This casino and hotel complex located in one of the most exclusive and idyllic places Attica basin, it has more than forty-year history. In fact, it was the first casino, which opened in Greece. Recently, this complex was purchased by a group of Regency Entertainment SA, which held a number of improvements and renovations, and has expanded to a total area of ​​18,000 square. Currently, it is the casino of the highest international standards. There are 16 blackjack tables, roulette table 32, the table 2 for Punto Banco and poker table 2, and more than 700 slots. Customers casino and hotel complex can also relax and enjoy the services of a fitness club Club Olympus. Besides,Kabupaten Kasino Mont Parnes

judi Internét

Although Greek law does not prohibit gambling operators to obtain licenses for online casinos operating in Greece, but the monopoly on online gambling there is a group of OPAP. However, Greece, players can use a variety of proposals of foreign operators, which localize your site for Greek users. Currently, there are 118 online casinos that offer the game in English or Greek and accept rates in euros or dollars US .

Yunani bandéra

In 2002, the Greek government passed a law strictly prohibits all forms of electronic games. However, the provisions of this law have been softened by the Act of 2011, which allows the licensing of operators of gambling online games . But in fact, a monopoly on the provision of online games until 2030 owned by the Greek state gambling company OPAP. Nevertheless, in 2013 the European Court ruled that the monopoly granted to OPAP, is incompatible with European Union law. Thus, the law in Greece should be changed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union, Greece will be forced to open its market to competition from other companies.

Fakta metot

Sajarah euyeub tina kasino di Rhodes

Rhodes Kasino mangrupakeun kasino kawentar tur impressive di Yunani. Lila saméméh wangunan dimimitian digawekeun kasino a, didieu flourished hotél dibuka acan Méi 24, 1927. Ieu cicing sababaraha personalities menonjol ti sakuliah dunya, kayaning Winston Churchill, Aristoteles Onassis na George Papandreou. hotél geus katempo loba acara sajarah, kayaning penandatanganan Nagara Israel diadegkeun dina 1948.

Kasino Loutraki dipikawanoh salaku ramah paling lingkungan

Dina 2013, anu Club Hotel Kasino Loutraki dileler Hadiah Internasional Yayasan pikeun Atikan Lingkungan "Key Héjo di 2013" kanggo partisipasi aktif di perlindungan lingkungan. Kasino dileler keur ngembangkeun hiji rencana aksi pikeun perbaikan kontinyu tina lingkungan lembaga maranéhanana. Ukuran dicokot téh aimed dina ngurangan konsumsi cai, pamakéan efisien produk runtah, produk beberesih, distribusi ka karyawan na datang ngeunaan perlindungan lingkungan informasi.

Lokasi Yunani, sarta tukang sajarah ringkes

Yunani henteu sederhana disebut "nu Lawu peradaban Kulon" - dieu 3,000 taun SM, aya peradaban kahiji dina pulo Crete, nu disebut Minoan. Dina sakabeh, sajarah Yunani wawuh ka Kami sanajan tina buku teks sakola ngeunaan sajarah - yén carita ngeunaan polis di Sparta na Athena, gladiator ieu gelut, ieu téh mangrupa konfrontasi musibah antara Kakaisaran Romawi sarta gumantung tina 146 AD

What is modern Greece? Now it is a famous resort. Since 1924, Greece became a parliamentary republic, and in 2002 became the official currency of the euro. Greece consists of 13 peripheries (regions), consisting of 51 nom (analogues of Russian provinces). Almost 98% of the population XCHARX Orthodox Christians, and favorite holiday XCHARX Easter.

Casinos na Garawangi di Yunani

Kanyataan yén Yunani narima panghasilan utama tina wisata kapangaruhan sikep pamaréntah pikeun judi. The kasino munggaran dibuka dina 1928 gigireun Loutraki (ieu téh spa Resort kawentar nagara). Kualitas layanan nu disadiakeun téh ti tingkat internasional pangluhurna, sarta ti hiji campuran tina kaulinan jeung hiasan glitter sahiji gedung nu datang dimimitian kaayaan euforia.

Henteu kirang populer di kalangan wisatawan ngarasakeun kasino di Thessaloniki, dijudulan «Kabupaten». Éta panggedéna jeung ngawengku salian sakabéh kompléks kasino di 3 réstoran pinter, bar, komo gedong téater sorangan.

Sababaraha kilometer ti Athena, kasino a «Mont Parnes». Hal ieu situated di Gunung Parnassus, sarta anjeun bisa meunang aya ukur ku mobil kabel. Karya mangrupakeun kasino picturesque unggal poé iwal Rebo. Anjeun bakal kedah gaduh paspor sarta niténan Kalong-kode - sukan jeung pakean kasual henteu wilujeng sumping.

Pecinta kagiatan pikagumbiraeun na outdoor mikat pilihan Siroe di pulo di Ermoupoli. Di dieu, sajaba 3 kamar kaulinan mewah lokasina di gedong abad 19th, Anjeun bisa ngarasakeun hiji lalampahan unforgettable on kapal sarta keur leumpang di galeri bawah tanah.

parusahaan panggedena dina aktipitas organisasi judi di Yunani, disebut salempang.

kaulinan online di Yunani

As we mentioned earlier, the country’s biggest monopolist – is an organization stole. It was she who currently controls the lion’s share of online gambling. Remote Gambling Association RGA this situation understandably do not like, but local while not really want to let into their territory European poker rooms.

Di dieu anjeun bisa maénkeun kasino online, tapi ngan dina loka otorisasi. Yunani ngajadikeun sakabeh duit anu teu ngocor jauh ti nagara. Ku alatan éta, operator kasino dawam kudu nyerah waktos pakansi, tapi aya kasempetan pikeun nyobaan rasa lokal sarta masih jadi 100% yakin tina garansi pembayaran ti winnings.

atraksi Athena

Athena saukur abound kalayan sagala rupa atraksi.

  1. Acropolis . Ieu ngawengku 4 wangunan: utama lawang (propiléna), hiji kuil keur ngahargaan ka nu patroness Athena, anu Parthenon, hiji kuil keur ngahargaan ka Dewi of meunangna, sarta Istana Erechtheum keur ngahargaan ka Poseidon jeung pundah. The paduka sahiji wangunan anu matak na impressive, dina ningali wisata bakal nyandak sahenteuna jam 4-5.
  2. Bait Zeus . Location: deukeut Acropolis jeung Syntagma, kuadrat kota utama. Di momen, anu kuil sakali megah tetep ukur ruruntuhan. Tapi kedah nyebutkeun euweuh kirang megah tur pasti diperlukeun pikeun nempo.
  3. Museum barudak . Alamat: Kydathenaeon, 14; Plaka. Kusabab 1987 komposisi musium pleases sawawa anu bosen ningali ruruntuhan kuno jeung arca na kolom, tangtu, anu datang ngora. Aya salawasna hal jalan: sagala jinis bengkel, paméran jeung pagelaran.
  4. Museum tina Sajarah costume Yunani . Alamat: 7, Dimokritou. koleksi musium urang leuwih ti 250,000 barang sandang tina sagala eras. Dulur anu geus kabetot dina fashion bakal metot ningali gaya Yunani pangwangunan.
  5. Militér Museum Yunani . Alamat: crossroads Vassilissis Sophias AV. sarta Rizari, 2. Yunani sakumaha urang sadaya terang kasohor urusan militer na. Di dieu anjeun bisa manggihan sagala rupa nu relates to urusan militer, ti kartu na baju seragam nepi ka baju seragam sajarah.

fakta metot ngeunaan Yunani jeung Yunani

  • inuman favorit -Coffee. Ieu mabok dina sagala jinis varian sacara harfiah liter, tapi teh teu dimangfaatkeun;
  • dahareun favorit di souvlaki Yunani, kebabs leutik on skewers ipis, biasana babi;
  • Leuwih ti 250 poé cahaya panonpoe per taun, aya loba panels solar dina roofs imah;
  • Ka laut henteu leuwih ti 136 km, sarta ti mana di nagara;
  • By the number of divorces Greece ranks last in the European Union;
  • Jadi guru atawa dokter, tapi sacara umum sakabeh profési anggaran pisan bergengsi sareng nu mayar ogé;
  • "Ne" nyaeta Yunani pikeun urang "enya";
  • Di sakola, diajar basa 2, di antarana Inggris anu diparentahkeun;
  • Yunani pisan agama - unggal dinten di sakola méméh kelas maca hiji doa, liburan favorit - Easter.
  • Rhodes mangrupakeun pos pementasan kasohor hiji juta kukupu nu flock dieu unggal taun

Yunani dina peta Éropa

Yunani dina peta Éropa